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What was taking me hours to accomplish in the past, is now taking me minutes.–Andy Wingfield, Recreation Director, Wyckoff, New Jersey

We've helped over 10,000 organizations already. If you want to reduce administrative work without tapping into your budget, sign up and join this savvy group of organizations.


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Free program websites


Post information like photos and videos for all the programs you manage registration for on a comprehensive website.

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Free online registration software


Conduct online registration for any program or event with powerful, yet free software.

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Free program scheduling software


Take care of creating, managing and sharing schedules for all the programs you manage registration for.

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Add on features

We give you access to great add-ons that easily work with your StadiumRoar account.  Does your organization sell products like apparel and gear?  Does your organization check in visitors at facilities?  If so, learn more about our add-on features:

>> Point of Sale System
>> Online Store Software
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Program registration with no hassles


Thinking of trying an online registration software?  Look no further that StadiumRoar, the nation’s leading provider of program registration software.  Our registration service not only contains advanced technology for collecting online registration and payment, but it gives you these capabilities at zero cost.  StadiumRoar is a free online registration system; this is a new opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.  The free parks and recreation management software offers many tools to help you manage parks and recreation programs online.  You can get a free rec website, conduct parks and recreation registration online and manage all rec program schedules.  We not only offer free sport registration software as part of our core features, but also  free sport sites and a free schedule maker.  We also provide seamless add-on capabilities for an online store, point of sale system and visitor management system.

StadiumRoar’s free sport registration system is very easy to use.  Whenever you’re ready, take a couple of moments to sign up.  In less than 10 seconds, you’ll have free software for registration management.  No downloads, discs or installations are needed at all.  To get started with your sports registration software, type the programs you want to add to your online registration form.  Programs can be anything you want people to sign up for; leagues, camps, tournaments, clinics, meetings, classes, etc.  Your form is displayed online on your own custom web page, which people can visit and complete at their own convenience.  Once they submit the registration form online, you instantly collect all their info; name, email, school, DOB, etc.

The free registration tool lets you conduct player registration and team registration.  Unlike other registration systems, you don’t have to manually create the registration forms; we provide comprehensive player registration forms and team registration forms that are ready to use right away.  If there is additional information you want to include, you can easily upload it into your online registrar system.

Your registration system not only lets you conduct registration online, but lets you process payments electronically.  As people sign up for sports, you have the choice of letting them provide their registration payment online with credit cards.  As their sports sign up information is submitted to you as part of the electronic registration process, so is their payment information.  Our registration tools let you process all transactions safely and securely.  When participants pay registration online fees, it makes registration management much easier for them and for you; cut down on checks and stacks of paper work.

If you are a program registrar, or are in charge of managing program registration in any capacity, StadiumRoar’s sign up software is the clear choice.  Our sports registration program lets program registrars and other registration managers conduct registration more quickly and efficiently than paper registration.  In addition, unlike other online sport registration programs, it lets you get online registration free.  This is definitely a new opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.


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