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Share league information like news, announcements and photos on a sleek league website.

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Get robust software for online league registration in less than 10 seconds, at no cost.

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Take care of creating, managing and sharing league schedules at no cost.

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We offer great add-ons that seamlessly work with your StadiumRoar account.  Does your league sell products like apparel and gear?  Does your league check in visitors at facilities?  If so, learn more about our add-on features:

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League management solutions with no strings attached


Thinking about trying a sports league software?  Look no further than StadiumRoar, the nation’s leading provider of online sports league management software.  StadiumRoar is a comprehensive online sports network.  We offer free sport sites, free program registration software and free program calendar software.  Also, we give you the power to easily use terrific add on products for an online store, point of sale system and visitor management system.  Our league system not only provides you with top-notch league administration software, but we do it at absolutely no cost.  This is truly a new opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.

Our free league program provides many tools to help you manage your league.  If you’re the head of a sport league, or you are involved with managing sports leagues in any capacity, then our web league manager service is for you.   Our league tools include free league sites, free league registration software and free league schedule software.  Our free sport league software can be used by all sorts of organizations.  A lot of our users come from the youth sports league community, however, we offer opportunities for any type of a program.  Some of the programs that use StadiumRoar come from youth sports, recreational sports, club sports, high school sports, college sports and adult sports.  Our free league manager software is the perfect solution for any type of organization.

Our free league management software has three main features:

Free League Websites.  Want a free league website?  StadiumRoar gives you the tools to quickly and easily build a premium free league site.  Getting your league websites requires no technical experience at all.  Just enter the name of your organization and our league software will automatically generate a free league website template for you.  Easily customize league website templates with your program’s logo and colors.  The league website builder lets program managers post information like announcements, forms, photos and videos on a league site for people to access at their own convenience.  These free league pages are very easy to manage and navigate.  Updating your site is just as easy as updating a Facebook page; add and edit items with just a few clicks, and no need to every have to open up an instructional manual.  A free league web page is the easiest way to communicate with the people involved in your organzation; coaches, players, parents, officials, etc.

Free League Registration Software.  Our league manager online software also includes free league registration software.  Directly on your website league registration can take place.  Player registration and team registration are available for all types of sport leagues.  Easily collect the registration information of all program participants, and even collect payment information.  People can pay league fees on your league site with credit cards.  Our online registration system is completely based in the cloud; there is no need to download or install anything.  Our systems are fully web-based; all people need to do to sign up for your league programs is visit a StadiumRoar league registration web page.  The whole process takes less than two minutes.  If you’re currently conducting the program sign up process with forms and checks, then it is definitely time to get modern and use our online league registration system.  If you’re currently paying for another software system, then make the switch to our free solution.  What makes StadiumRoar unique is that we don’t only provide a free solution, we also offer a fast, sleek and powerful service as well.  If you’re interested in saving time and money, then you should definitely check out StadiumRoar’s online tools.

Free League Scheduling Software.  Want a free sports league schedule maker?  Our online manager league software also contains a league schedules organizer.  You can easily conduct all your league scheduling in once place; create, organize and share all program schedules from one simple page.  Our free league scheduler offers two main tools.  The first tool is game scheduler program.  We provide you an online calendar where you can easily enter all league games.  Events instantly get organized on your online calendar, where program participants can view them at any time.  The free league scheduler generator can be updated by any admins you wish to grant access to.  The second type of free online league scheduler we offer is a facility scheduling system.  It is very important for a league manager to keep track of the various facilities games are played at; gyms, fields, courts, rinks, etc.  Our league schedule software allows to to book chunks of time at various facilities, and keep track of the schedules for each individual location.  As you’re booking time slots at the various playing locations part of your program, StadiumRoar’s software works behind the scenes to make sure you never accidentally double book any location.  If you’re about to schedule a cross over time slot, we alert you on the screen before any data gets saved.

Our online league management software works for sports leagues of all types.  Some sports groups that typically take advantage of StadiumRoar’s free online tools are baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, golf, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, track, swimming, etc.  If you’re a league manager, or you’re part of a league administration staff, be smart, take advantage of the cloud and use StadiumRoar’s sport league software to manage your league program for free.


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