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Free facility websites


Get a comprehensive website to post facility information like addresses, photos and announcements.

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Free program registration software


Get leading online event registration software in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily conduct online registration for events at your facilities.

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Free facility scheduling software


Get leading facility scheduling software in less than 10 seconds at zero cost; easily create, manage and share your schedules.

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Add on features


We provide amazing add-on tools that easily work with your StadiumRoar account.  Does your organization sell products like apparel and gear?  Does your organization check in visitors at facilities?  If so, learn more about our add-on features:

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Facilities management, the right way


Thinking of trying a facilities management resource?   Our free facility scheduling software is useful for people who manage any type of athletic facility; facilities directors, facility department managers, etc.  Our facility booking software is used for scheduling facilities and the time slots they are being used (ie, every Tuesday from 4 PM – 6 PM).

Not sure if facilities scheduling software is for you?  Our free facility management software should be used by people who are in charge of putting together a master room schedule, field schedule, gym schedule, etc.  Our facility scheduler system is useful for any type of a person who manages schedules at any sort of facilities.  The free facility scheduling software can be used to manage any type of a location and its schedule.  StadiumRoar is extremely helpful for booking gyms, fields, rinks, courts, pools, pavilions, class rooms, event halls, concert halls, meeting rooms, stages, park areas, camp sites, trails, auditoriums and much more.  People commonly use the program to manage locations for activities such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse, art classes, volleyball, summer camps, softball, tennis, football, certification courses, basketball, soccer, wrestling and many more.  Our free facility and room scheduling software truly is a flexible service that you can apply to suit any of your management needs.

Our free facilities scheduling system is loaded with capabilities.  You can keep track of an unlimited number of locations and programs that use them.  With just a few clicks, you can book time slots at facilities.  You can book individual time slots, or recurring ones in just a few moments.  We make sure you never double book a location.  If a new time slot crosses over with an existing one, you’ll be notified before any information gets saved.  Once you save a time slot, we take care of organizing it on your master schedule, and also the individual schedule of the booked facility and program that will be using it.  You can view schedules in list view, or calendar view.  We make sharing your schedules with others extremely easy.  You can email specific time slots to people whenever you choose.  In addition, you have the option to post your facility schedules online.  You can easily have all your schedules published to your own web page, which people can visit at their own convenience.  They can view and print schedules directly from your scheduling web page.

Finally, we also offer you the opportunity to take facility requests online.  Our facility reservation software provides you a scheduling web page.  People can visit the page, browse your facilities and make requests for facility use online.  Our room reservation software free service processes all requests.  Every time a new request is made, you get sent an email alert.  You can easily view facility requests in a chart, where you can accept or deny them with just a click.  If you accept a request, our room booking software instantly sends a confirmation email to the person who made the request and the booked time slots automatically gets added to your facility schedules.  If you deny a request, the time slot will not be saved and the person who sent it will be sent an email notification.

Our facility management system includes free organization sites, free program registration software and a free schedule program.  Also, we give you the ability to quickly integrate amazing add on products for an online store, point of sale system and visitor management system.  If you are in charge of coordinating location schedules, check out our free facilities management software today.


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