Social Media Changed Pro Sports Forever

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At StadiumRoar, we love anything related to sports and technology.  We’ve closely been watching the way social media has impacted professional sports; especially the way fans can now interact with teams and players.  For some interesting facts on social media’s influence on the world of professional sports, check out this cool slideshow.


Social media is not just important in the world of pro sports, but is getting even more significant in the world of non-pro sports, such as those at the youth and high school levels.  If you run a program like a camp or tournament and you want to attract and retain participants every year, you better be equipped for the digital world.  Today, it is proven that people like researching new services online before they buy, and also enjoy paying for services online.  Marketing your programs online is not only effective, but it is also free.  If you’re wondering how to get your sports digital marketing strategy in gear, check out this post on using social media to advertise sports programs for free.
Once you get people to learn about your programs online, it’s now time get them to sign up.  Nowadays, people don’t want to sign up for programs the old-fashioned way by filling out forms and mailing in checks.  People like instant gratification.  They want to sign up online.  You better make sure you offer online program registration.  If you don’t, luckily, we can help.  StadiumRoar offers free sports registration software.

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