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Point of Sale (POS) software


StadiumRoar offers you a powerful and affordable Point of Sale (POS) solution as an “add on” to your StadiumRoar account


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Less stress

Point of Sale technology saves you time, which means less stress.

More money

Point of Sale technology lets you sell more stuff, which means you make more money.

Happier participants

Point of Sale technology not only makes sales easier for you, but also the people buying your stuff.

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Streamline the way you sell


Does your organization sell things at facilities?  Beverages, snacks, apparel, etc?  You should definitely have technology to streamline and track purchases.  Point of Sale (POS) technology makes things easier for you and for the people buying your products.  It lets you stay organized, track everything and sell more stuff…while providing buyers the convenience of making easy purchases with cash, or with cards.


1.) Label inventory with bar codes

2.) Scan items as people buy them

3.) Get paid with cash or cards



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Simple, yet powerful


  • Ring up products by scanning bar codes
  • Easily keep track of your inventory
  • Accept cash and credit cards
  • Print receipts



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Do you sell things at your organization’s facilities?  Then Point of Sale (POS) technology is for you!


No matter what sort of products you sell, Point of Sale (POS) technology will help you make and track sales.  Some people who would typically benefit a lot from a POS solution:

  • Recreation directors
  • Athletic directors
  • Conference organizers
  • Concert organizers
  • Festival organizers
  • Boosters organizers
  • Facility owners



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Looking for an integrated retail solution to help you streamline product sales?  Our point of sale (POS) systems offer you an integrated retail management solution that will help you with retail stock management, customer check outs and data collection.  We provide you sales software and sales hardware that work together seamlessly, saving you and your organization a ton of time and stress.

If you’re a retail manager, and just want to learn more about point of sale (POS) in general, we’re happy to help.  What is POS?  Essentially, POS is a term that refers to the tools retail stores use to label products, scan products, process transactions and store purchase data.  We offer a bunch of point of sale products like POS software, bar code scanners, label makers, receipt printers, credit card scanners, debit card pin pads, and many more.  We let you seamlessly process credit card payments and debit card payments.  We also provide you a top of the line stock management system, in addition to all of the back office POS tools you need to stay organized.  Our simple point of sale products are sure to save you a ton of time and help you drive revenue.