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StadiumRoar partnered with Shopify to offer you an easy, powerful and affordable online store as an “add on” to your StadiumRoar account


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Less stress

An online store saves you time, which means less stress.

More money

An online store lets you sell more stuff, which means you make more money.

Happier participants

An online store not only makes sales easier for you, but also the people buying your stuff.

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Are you in charge of selling products for your organization?  Sweatshirts, uniforms, wind breakers, equipment, etc?  You should definitely have an online presence to help sell things.  An online store makes things easier for you and for the people buying your products.  It lets you stay organized, track everything and sell more stuff…while providing buyers the convenience of shopping online.


1.) Add product photos, descriptions and quantities to your online store

2.) As people purchase products online, you instantly receive their shipping information

3.) Money gets deposited into your account


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Simple, yet powerful


  • Add product photos and descriptions
  • Easily manage your inventory
  • Easily track order history and shipping details
  • Create customer groups
  • Access tons of online marketing tools


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Do you sell things on behalf of your organization?  Then an online store is for you!


No matter what sort of products you sell, an online store will help you reach customers, inform customers, make sales and track sales.  Some people who would typically benefit a lot from an online store:

  • Recreation directors
  • Athletic directors
  • Boosters organizers
  • Conference directors
  • Concert organizers
  • Facility owners
  • Club directors
  • Coaches
  • Team parents


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Do you sell products on behalf of your organization?  Online store software can help you organize inventory, shipments and payment.  Not to mention, you’ll enjoy the ease of selling sporting goods online.  Your online store package includes a ton of online shop features that let people easily browse and order your products.