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Want to make it to the next level?  Starting varsity?  All county?  College scholarship?  So do a lot of other people.  Get an edge with our training guides.



Baseball Players – Become a Power Hitter

Bat speed training that will add 100 feet of hitting distance – and more – in just weeks! Get noticed for your ability to make consistent, hard contact with this highly regarded and proven program.

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Bat Speed Blue Print
It’s simple physics.  Power at the plate comes from bat speed.  Create unbeatable bat speed with this special formula.

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Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball
The only product of its kind – Baseball-specific instruction on building grip and forearm strength.  If you want to improve your strength in the crucial lower arm area, this product is for you.

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Core Power for Baseball
To be a top player on the field, you need to make sure you’re doing the right training off the field.  Strengthening the core is a central part to success in baseball.  Learn priceless core routines tailored just for baseball players.

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Baseball Instructional Video Set – The Mental Game
Get access to a set of mental game training material for players, coaches and parents.  Find almost 5 hours of interactive step-by-step instruction that will help you unlock the intangible mental secrets that can take your game to the next level.

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Increase Pitching Velocity

Add 5-10mph to your fastball in 16 weeks using this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity.  Get three 3 Ebooks, video, analysis and personalized coaching.

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Improve Your 60 Yard Dash

The 60 yard dash is one of the most important parts of the baseball recruiting process.  Every scout wants to know what a player’s 60 yard dash time is.  This Ebook will teach you how to increase your speed and impress the scouts.

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Why Use Baseball Training Programs?

If you want to be a better baseball player and get noticed by coaches, scouts, fans and the press, you better start exploring baseball training programs.  Without the right time-tested tips from professionals behind your training, you are risking wasting your time on routines that will never deliver you the results you need.  You need to train with the best tools available.  Luckily, we provide you a deep collection of baseball instructional programs, such as baseball Ebooks and baseball videos.

Whether you’re a youth baseball player, high school baseball player or college baseball player, these acclaimed guides will elevate your game.  Our baseball programs help improve pitching, hitting, fielding, strength and speed.  If you’re not a baseball player, but are a baseball coach or baseball parent, it is equally as important that you stay on top of the best baseball training routines available.  Make sure you check out our guides and share them with the players on your team or in your family.


Baseball Instructional Ebooks

Our baseball Ebook programs are helpful because they are detailed and instantly accessible.  These online instructional books are loaded with volumes of useful knowledge on topics like being a better hitter and increasing pitching speed.  Unlike traditional baseball books, these Ebooks can instantly be downloaded to your computer with just a click.  You can begin your baseball training routine in just a few moments.


Baseball Instructional Videos

Our baseball video tutorials are give you the audio and visual detail of a personalized lesson with a top baseball trainer.  Like our Ebooks, with just a few clicks, you can begin watching our videos and get started with your training program.  Access to our baseball videos is instant.