Go Paperless

Less Paper = Better Parks


We at StadiumRoar are committed to the green effort.  We’re always thinking of ways we can reduce the use of paper in the world of activities and recreation.  Less paper leads to healthier parks and better rec programs inside those parks.  We’re focused on three efforts: donations, eBooks, directories and online shopping.

With our donations, we’re offering donations to people that help spread the use of online program registration instead of paper registration.  With our eBooks, we’re providing tips about recreation management in original online books that can be read directly on your screen, no paper needed.  With our directories, we offer online lists of programs and suppliers, so people can educate themselves online, without having to scan through paper brochures.  Similarly, with our online shopping, we offer a ton of great products you can browse and order online, without the need of any print catalogs.

Learn more about each of our Go Paperless efforts to the left.