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By using the power of the cloud, StadiumRoar is able to deliver you an activity and event management software experience that was impossible until very recently.  What once required time-consuming installations or expensive subscriptions, can now be delivered to you instantly, and at no cost, over the web.  Using StadiumRoar’s recreation freeware is very similar to using Facebook or Twitter; take a few seconds to sign up and you have a world at your fingertips.  No download.  No installation.  No cost.

We provide three powerful, yet simple tools as part of our software for activities and recreation: Website Builder Tool, Online Registration Tool and Scheduling Tool.  In addition, we also provide great “add on” products: Online Store Tool, Point of Sale Tool and Visitor Management Tool.  Feel free to use any of the tools individually, or use them alongside each other.  All tools are seamlessly integrated, so you can manage all your tasks in one unified place.

Our easy-to-use activity and event software has already helped over 10,000 organizations, and the number continues to climb every day.


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