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Free camp websites


Get a sleek camp website in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily post all camp information in one central place.

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Free online camp registration software


Get premium online camp registration software in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily collect registration information and fees for all camp participants.

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Free camp scheduling software



Get top-notch camp scheduling software in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily create, manage and share all camp schedules.

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We offer beneficial add-on features that easily work with your StadiumRoar account.  Does your camp sell products like apparel and gear?  Does your camp check in visitors at facilities?  If so, learn more about our add-on features:

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Camp management done right


Thinking about trying camp software?  Look no further than StadiumRoar, the nation’s leading provider of free camp management software.  We offer free program websites, free program registration software and free schedule maker software.  Not to mention, we also let you effortlessly integrate amazing add on products for an online store, point of sale system and visitor management system.  Our free camp systems are a perfect solution for any kind of camp.  If you help manage any type of camp or camp program, you should take care of camp management for free with StadiumRoar.  Our camp websites help you communicate with campers, parents, staff and volunteers.  Our online camp registration software lets you conduct camp registration and collect camp dues safely and securely over the web.  Our camp facility scheduler and event scheduler systems help you easily book time slots for camp programs and share them with people involved.  Once you create a free account on StadiumRoar, you can easily extend admin access to camp staffers so they can help you add and edit any information.

We’ve helped all types of camps get create and share information better.  We’ve helped sport camps, education camps, adventure camps, cultural camps, travel camps, arts camps and many more.  Here are just some of the activities our free camp management software has helped coordinate: baseball, softball, soccer, fitness, boating, golfing, climbing, dancing, singing, football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, golf, track, wrestling, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, skateboarding, volleyball, cheerleading, adventure, outdoors, climbing, leadership, science, math, acting, and much more.  StadiumRoar is widely used to manage youth camps.  We provide the capabilities to not only manage camp for kids, but also their parents.  Our services let you share information and schedules with parents online, and even let parents register their kids for camp online.  If you coordinate a youth camp, StadiumRoar will not only help you manage camp for kids and parents, but will also let you collaborate with another key group of people – camp staff.  StadiumRoar is not only effective for youth camp management, but is also used by many other types of camp programs.


Camp manager example


StadiumRoar does not simply offer standalone tools for managing certain pieces of the camp experience, but rather, provides an end to end solution that begins during the camp planning process and ends once camp has let out.  For instance, assume John is in charge of managing a camp for kids.  He’ll be organizing a youth basketball camp in the summer.  In the winter, John wants to increase exposure for his camp, to assure that people will know about it and can register for the summer.  John uses StadiumRoar to make a free camp website.  On the site, he posts his logo, an overview of camp programs, key dates and a some photos.  He puts a link to his free camp website on Facebook and Twitter, and uses social media to get the word out.  When people come across John’s camp on Facebook and Twitter, they can easily click through to his camp website, where they can learn about his camp and see when it starts.  Anyone can access his information, such as a camp kid, a camp parent or others in the community who would be likely to spread the word about John’s camp, such as school leaders or recreation leaders.

Camp advertising is a critical element of the organizational experience.  If you have a camp market it correctly or face the consequences.  If programs aren’t promoted to the right audience, the chance of your camp having a full list of participants is unlikely.  In today’s connected world, online advertising is a simple, cheap and effective way to get your message out without a lot of hassle.  In order to properly take advantage of online camp marketing, you need to have a sleek website that sits at the center of your marketing efforts.  The goal of online advertising is to have people find your links on the web, and then click through to them.  Once you get a click, you need to assure people are coming to a site where they can easily find information and become more interested in purchasing a camp membership.  We at StadiumRoar recommend taking advantage of social media to promote your camp website.  Social media is a free and easy way to get your message out to thousands, or even millions, or potential campers.  If you’re looking to learn how to advertise a camp online, or want some tips for advertising a camp online, then easiest place to start is with social media.  Create a page for your camp on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube, and be sure to add a link to your free camp website on each social media page.  Once you start adding content to your social media pages, your camp will get exposure and more and more people will be exposed to your camp website.  Camp marketing will never seem easier once you harness the power of StadiumRoar and social media.

Another effective way to harness online advertising is to use online directories.  There are many online camp directories on the web that will list your programs at no cost.  For instance, if you search for 2012 camps, 2013 camps or any other type of phrase, you should be able to find some online directories related to your program and the type of audience you are targeting with your camp marketing.  There are many camp associations out there that manage directories of this nature.  If you’re part of a camp association, visit its website and see if it provides a directory, or at least a link to a directory.

Once you visit a camp directory, look for a section or link about submitting a listing.  Once you find this area, you should be able to submit your camp to the directory.  Many directories offer this feature free of charge.  When submitting your camp to the directory, be sure to fill out all the relevant information on the submission form such as description, contact information, start dates, etc.  Of course, make sure you include your link to your free camp website.

John can use online directories to not only help with finding program participants, but even staff.  There are many online directories for jobs, which John can use to find candidates for camp staff.  For example, John can post on a summer camp jobs directory.  He can use the listing to recruit summer camp counselors and other staff members to his management team.  On the directory, he will list his ideal summer camp counselor job description, and hope he finds some suitable matches from people looking for a summer camp counselor job.  He will do the same for any other kind of camp positions he needs to fill.  John will make sure he includes information on his free camp website for potential job candidates, so counselors and others can easily inform themselves online.

John not only wants to educate people about his camp online, he wants to take it once step further.  He wants to make sure that when people come to his camp website, if they like what they see, they can easily sign up for camp online.  John takes advantage of StadiumRoar’s free online camp registration software.  StadiumRoar lets John conduct online camp sign ups directly from his website; there is no need for him to use a separate service.  When camp kids, camp parents or anyone else visit John’s website, they’ll see a large “Register” button directly on the Home screen.  If they click it, they can easily sign up for camp online.  People fill out a simple online form where they submit contact information, review camp costs, and securely pay camp fees online with credit cards.  Once they pay, they officially become registered for camp; they receive a confirmation email and John receives their payment and all of their contact information in his admin area.  With his StadiumRoar website and registration program, John is taking care of camp organization in an automated fashion; StadiumRoar does all the work, while John can sit back, relax and spend his time on the fun stuff, like thinking up exciting programs for his campers.

From the time that registration ends to the time that camp actually begins, John focuses his attention on scheduling.  Since he already finished camp sign ups, he knows exactly how many campers will be attending his youth camp.  He can now easily know how many programs he needs to offer, and how many campers he can assign to each activity.  Through the winter and spring, John enjoyed the automation StadiumRoar was able to provide.  He was able to focus extensively on ideas for summer camp programs, and how best to educate while also creating fun experiences.  He had many great camp activity ideas and now John is excited to schedule his summer camp programs.  He turns to StadiumRoar’s sophisticated camp scheduling software for assistance.  Just like StadiumRoar’s registration system, the camp scheduling program is integrated with John’s free camp website.  There is no need to use some third-party system, and link it back.  Everything is seamlessly integrated in one simple place.  StadiumRoar offer two primary scheduling features; the first can be used for camp facility scheduling, and the other used for camp event scheduling.  Both of these tasks are equally as important, and John turns to StadiumRoar to assist with each one.

Camp facility scheduling involves the management of all the locations summer camp programs will take place on, and the days and times they will be reserved for each summer camp program.  The key to making camp facility scheduling run smoothly is assuring that each summer camp program receives a sufficient amount of time and facility capacity to run, while avoiding any double booking situations.  Since John’s online camp marketing efforts were so successful, he is expecting a ton of camp kids this year, and thus, needs to reserve a lot of space and organize a lot of programs.  Performing this task with a spread sheet or some other traditional method will lead to a lot of stress and potential errors.  John is a smart camp organizer, so he turns to StadiumRoar to help.  Over the last few months, John has been looking for camp facilities.  He found some camp facilities for rent that he liked, and took care of reserving them for the summer.  Once he has his final group of camp facilities, he inputs each camp facility into StadiumRoar.  John then enters into StadiumRoar the name of each summer camp program that will be taking place during his camp session.  Using StadiumRoar’s advanced calendar software, John can easily attach each summer camp program to a camp facility at specific time chunks.  For example, John can book Facility A to be used by Program X every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  As John continues to block out time slots for each summer camp program, StadiumRoar makes sure John never double books his camp facilities.

Once John completes his camp facility scheduling duties, it is now time for him to dive a little deeper.  Since he now knows the general time slots each summer camp program has reserved, he will move on to scheduling the specific events that the summer camp programs will be involved in.  For example, one of his programs is “8th Grade Boys Basketball”.  The program uses the “East Gym” for two hours each morning; John reserved that time slot with his facilities scheduler tool.  John now turns to StadiumRoar’s event scheduling system to coordinate the specific events that will occurring during the time slot.  For instance, during that two hour time slot, there are eight different teams of basketball campers, and each of them plays each other in games.  With StadiumRoar’s event scheduling system, John can post each specific game to an online calendar.  The calendar can be viewed by camp kids, parents, counselors or anyone else.  People can easily print the calendar with just a click.  The event scheduler is the perfect solution for scheduling any type of summer camp activity.  Whether it be a game, meeting, meal, class, etc, the event system is the ideal way to record summer camp activities, and share them with the people that need to see them.

Once camp finally begins, John will have all of his administrative tasks out of the way.  He will already have advertised his camp, completed the camp register process, collected camp fees, reserved camp facilities and scheduled camp events, all thanks to StadiumRoar and the way in which is automates summer camp management.  Once the camp kids arrive, John can spend his time overseeing camp staff and programs and making sure everyone is having a fun and productive experience.  John will not be bogged down in paperwork; StadiumRoar took care of all the annoying stuff for him months before summer camp even began.  Running camp will be much easier for John now that he has a clear head and can focus on the important stuff.



Camp software summary


Free Camp Websites.  We have customizable free camp website templates that you can quickly and easily build a site with.  No coding or technical experience is required at all.  Just hit a “Create” button and we’ll take care of making a sport camp website for you.  You never have to worry about hosting the website at all.  Our leading hosting system takes care of all that without you having to think about it.  Once you have your site, you can customize it with your camp colors and logo.  You can easily invite other camp directors, counselors or assistants to be managers of the site too; this way, you can all add and edit information as you wish.  We let you post and share a variety of camp information, like photos, videos, announcements, files, bios and much more.

Free Camp Online Registration Software.  We offer top-notch online camp registration software.  People can sign up for your camp online in just a few moments.  All they need to do is visit your free event registration website, which you can create in just a few seconds.  As campers sign up for camp programs online, you’ll instantly receive all their information.  We take care of sorting, grouping it and counting it for you within our camp database software.  Easily keep track of campers, parents, staff and volunteers.  You can even collect camp registration dues safely and securely over the web.  Our free camp online registration system makes the camp register process not only easy for you, but also the people signing up.  Getting registered is fast, simple and secure.  If you manage the sign up process for your camp, you should definitely check out our free camp registration tools.  We realize the sign up process can often be time consuming, especially for summer camps.  We make summer camp registration as simple as possible.  Our free registration software systems lets you set maximum spots to camp programs, so you can manage capacity.  We also let you manage any camp registration forms digitally.  As part of the set up process, we let you upload forms to camp programs.  As people register, we make sure they download your camp registration forms.

Free Camp Systems for Scheduling.  Are you in charge of camp scheduling?  For instance, are you a camp scheduler, or do you help coordinate with camp schedulers?  We give you access to premium software for camp facility scheduling, in addition to camp event scheduling.  With our free camp facility scheduling system, you can book slots of time at camp facilities like fields, gyms and pools.  With our free camp event scheduling system, you can post camp events to an online calendar, which campers and staff members can view and print at their own convenience.  Our comprehensive camp scheduling software is a free and easy way to organize camp reservations and program schedules.  For instance, if you manage a youth camp, you can have individual youth programs reserve space at designated facilities.  Once space is reserved, you can use our event scheduling system to coordinate the specific events taking place, such as games and practices.


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