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Free athletic websites


Get a sleek athletic website in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily post all department information in one central place.

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Free player registration software


Get premium registration management software in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily collect registration information and fees for all your programs.

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Free sports schedule software


Get top-notch athletic scheduling software in less than 10 seconds, for free; easily create, manage and share all program schedules.

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We offer helpful add-on features that seamlessly work with your StadiumRoar account.  Does your organization sell products like apparel and gear?  Does your organization check in visitors at facilities?  If so, have a look at our add-on features:

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Athletic administration in the digital age


Want to try athletic administration software?  Look no further than StadiumRoar, the nation’s leading provider of free athletics software.  Our athletics administration software is the perfect solution for any school athletic department.  Our school sports software works for schools at all levels – middle school, high school, college and university.  StadiumRoar operates completely in the cloud, so you don’t need to download or install anything.  Take a few seconds to sign up for free, and you’ll have instant access to athletic department software tools on the web that help you conduct sport management right.  So, what is sport management done right?  The ability to seamlessly create, receive and manage sports information from large groups of people, without feeling strained.  To help you with this athletic management goal, we provide free sites for sports, free sport registration software and free schedule maker software.  In addition, we also let you effortlessly integrate terrific add on products for an online store, point of sale system and visitor management system.

We’ve helped all kinds of athletic departments get organized and communicate better.  Here are just some of the athletic departments our free athletics management software has helped: middle school athletic departments, high school athletic departments, college athletic departments and university athletic departments.  Our free school management software empowers an athletic staff at any level, and of any size.  Our tools are very customizable.  We can help you manage sports in middle school departments all the way up to major national university departments.  Your department may be responsible for only a handful of programs, or hundreds of different ones.  In any case, StadiumRoar’s free athletic software is flexible.  Easily connect with school coaches, players, parents, officials, fans and anyone else.

Our free school software is perfect for anyone who is part of an athletics staff.  If you’re an athletic director, look no further than StadiumRoar to streamline your department.  Our free athletic director software gives you the tools you need to communicate with large groups of people, conduct athletic registration and manage athletic schedules.  We don’t just help athletic directors, but people all over a school sports department.  For instance, our free school sports software is perfect for athletics secretaries, boosters organizers, athletics volunteers, etc.  If you manage any sort of an athletics task, StadiumRoar is for you.  Not to mention, once an athletic department creates a free account with StadiumRoar, an unlimited amount of people can be granted admin access to the account by the department.  People can log in at their own convenience, and add and update any information.  Our free software for sports departments keeps everyone on the athletic staff informed and empowered.  Athletic organizations save time, energy and money by using StadiumRoar.

Here’s a quick look at our free sport software:

Free Athletic Websites.  Our free software for school sports comes loaded with cool website templates that you can quickly and easily build a website with.  No coding or technical experience is needed at all.  Just hit a “Create” button and we’ll take care of making an athletics website for you.  You never have to worry about hosting your free school sports website at all.  Our powerful hosting technology takes care of all that for you.  Once you have your site, you can customize it with your school colors and logo.  We let you post and share a bunch of athletics information, like photos, videos, announcements, files, bios and much more.  Our athletic department management software lets you create an unlimited amount of free school websites.  You can create one main site for your department, and then let the coaches and organizers in your school create their own individual sports program websites.  You can oversee all of the sites from one simple page.

Free Player Registration Software.  Our free school software system offers leading online athletic registration software.  You can post your department’s programs to an online registration page.  People can then visit the page, browse your programs and sign up for them.  As they sign up for school sports programs online, you’ll instantly receive all their information.  Our free athletic software takes care of processing and grouping all information for you.  You can even collect registration fees for athletics programs safely and securely over your page.  As you conduct player registration, you can give athletes and parents the option to pay any program fees online with credit cards.  Not to mention, the registration system lets you easily share any type of sports physical form.  If your department has a physical form for sports, you can upload it to your registration page.  We make sure all athletes download it while singing up for school programs online.  We realize an athletic physical form is required in most departments, and we want to make the process of sharing them as simple as possible for you.

Free School Sports Schedule Software.  Our free software sport system gives you powerful tools for athletic facility scheduling.  We also provide free event schedule software, which is perfect for games, practices, tournaments and any other school sports events.  With our free athletic facility scheduling service, you can take care of booking chunks of time at school facilities.  Our comprehensive field scheduling software lets you easily assign teams to certain fields at certain times.  The free school scheduling software is as equally effective with gyms, courts, pools and any other sort of athletic facility. With our free event scheduling software, you can post athletic events to an online calendar, which department organizers and participants can view and print whenever they choose.  Your entire school sports schedule can be streamlined on the web.  Create one master schedule, or have individual school sports schedules for each school sports program.  Athletic scheduling will never be easier once your department does it with StadiumRoar.


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