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We moved to online registration with StadiumRoar for our basketball program, and the result was a much more streamlined process.  We will definitely be using StadiumRoar for our program next year.–Stephanie Romeo, Program Coordinator, OLV Basketball

We've helped over 10,000 organizations already.  If you want to reduce administrative work without tapping into your budget, sign up and join this savvy group of organizations.



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The clear choice


There are many ways you can conduct activity registration.  However, if you want to avoid wasting time, and wasting money, you should use StadiumRoar’s premium registration system.


  • StadiumRoar vs. Pen and Paper Registration

    If you’re going to conduct program registration the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, you’ll be burdened by:

    • Expensive, time-consuming obligation of printing sign-up sheets
    • Hectic process of conducting in-person registration sessions
    • Tedious requirement to manually file and sort registration information and checks

    By using StadiumRoar’s free program registration software instead, you’ll face none of these challenges because you’ll have access to:

    • A digital sign-up form people can fill out online
    • Ability for people to register for programs from the comfort of their own homes
    • Automatic sorting of registrant information and processing of payments

  • StadiumRoar vs. Paid Online Registration Software

    If you’re going to pay for online registration software, you’ll be burdened by:

    • High set-up costs and even higher upgrade costs
    • Year-round billing, even during the off-season
    • Restricting contracts

    Our software does not burden you because:

    • StadiumRoar is 100% free for program organizers
    • StadiumRoar is always free for you, during the busiest time of the year or the slowest
    • StadiumRoar requires no contracts or obligations


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Online registration in-depth tour

Happy users all over the world


StadiumRoar has already helped over 10,000 organizations in many different fields, such as sports, entertainment and education.  Below are the types of people who commonly use StadiumRoar’s free program registration software:
  • Recreation organizers

    StadiumRoar is a great solution for anyone who works in the parks and recreation community.  Whether you’re a director of a large municipal rec department, or a volunteer at a small community branch, as long as you have recreation programs to organize, and people need to sign up for them, StadiumRoar is for you.  We’ve worked with recreation managers to streamline sign ups for all sorts of programs, such as community sports, town fairs, game nights, picnics, fundraisers and continuing education classes.  Learn more about our free parks and recreation registration tool and how it fits into our end-to-end software solution for rec managers.

  • Association organizers

    We’ve worked with associations in many different types of industries, such as sports groups like youth baseball associations, business groups like conference planning associations, volunteer groups like boosters associations, and many more.  Whether you need to conduct sign ups for association-sponsored events or simply collect membership dues, our registration administration tool is the best option you will find.  Learn more about our free association sign up software and how it fits into our complete package for association managers.

  • League organizers

    Leagues are one of the most active types of users of StadiumRoar.  League organizers feel our product is the best online registration service because it easily lets them customize their sign up form for individuals or teams.  Certain leagues only let individuals register, such as tennis leagues, while many others only allow teams, like soccer programs.  In addition, some leagues have certain programs that may allow individual and group sign ups.  Whatever the combination, StadiumRoar provides flexible tools league administrators can use to collect the information they need, in the way they need.  Most of our users in this segment come from sports likes, however, we also have members that come from science leagues, finance leagues and many other types of competitive groups. Learn more about our free league registration tool and how it fits into our end-to-end product for sports league managers.

  • Tournament organizers

    Tournaments are another very popular segment on StadiumRoar.  Like league organizers, tournament coordinators appreciate the flexibility of customizing their programs with individual sign flow, team flow, or a mixture.  Most of our tournament users come from the sports industry, however, we’ve seen a wide variety of competitive groups managing tournament registration through our platform, in areas such as video game competitions and even costume contests.  Learn more about our free tournament registration software and how it fits into our total solution for tournament coordinators.

  • Club organizers

    StadiumRoar is the home of registration for many clubs.  We’ve worked with hobby clubs of no more than 10 people, to massive sports clubs of thousands.  Clubs primarily use our service to sign up members, and collect member dues.  In addition, when clubs put on fundraisers and other club-sponsored events, they tend to use our service to process payments and securely collect money in a fast and reliable way.  Learn more about our free club registration service and how it is part of our end-to-end software solution for club managers.

  • Camp organizers

    Camps of all kinds use StadiumRoar to efficiently register campers for their sessions.  Camp managers feel StadiumRoar is the best option because it gives parents the ability to easily access the system and sign up their children.  Our service is not just intended for people signing themselves up for activities.  We make it very easy for others to sign up their children and friends.  We’ve helped all different kinds of camps such as summer camps, day camps, sports camps, education camps and many other types.  Learn more about our free camp sign up software and how it fits into our end-to-end software solution for camp managers.

  • Athletic organizers

    We’ve partnered with athletic organizers at every level of the game, beginning with recreational youth athletic organizations and going all the way up to programs at Division 1 universities.  Athletic departments like how StadiumRoar can be adapted to every type of sports program imaginable.  Athletic departments typically run at least a few different programs, with a lot of organizations running dozens.  StadiumRoar’s online sign up forms are universal, and can be applied to any type of sports program or event.  Learn more about our free athletic registration tool and how it is a part of our comprehensive offering for athletic department coordinators.

  • Team organizers

    StadiumRoar has widely been used by sports team coaches to collect team dues and process payments for team events like fundraisers.  In addition, StadiumRoar can also be adopted by any other sort of team.  We’ve helped teams in the business world, education community and entertainment community.  If you need to collect information from any sort of a group, StadiumRoar’s free tools for sign up form creation and payment processing are the best option available.  Learn more about our free team sign up service and how it fits into our complete software product for team organizers.

  • Facility organizers

    People who manage facilities often host events or run programs at them, and need reliable registration tools to assure that participants can easily browse facility offerings, sign up for the programs that look right to them and securely submit payment for program fees.  Whether you’re a manager of a sports facility, fitness facility or leisure facility, you can take advantage of our freeware for administering sign ups.  Learn more about our free facilities registration software and how it fits into our end-to-end spectrum for facility coordinators.

  • Conference organizers

    Nowadays, to run a conference without taking advantage of the web is a major risk.  Conferences are categorized by high volume peek sign up periods, where floods of registrants flow in.  Managing all of that activity with automated tools can be extremely tedious, time consuming and lend itself to mistakes that should have never happened.  Luckily, StadiumRoar’s system is a powerful, effective solution for conference registration, and unlike others in the industry, we don’t charge the conference planner anything in order to use the service.  We provide all of the full range of tools that will take your conference sign up window from opened to close without you stressing out or dealing with mistakes.  We handle information capture and payment processing.  On event day, you can easily check in people who signed up at the gate either by printing out your sign up sheet from StadiumRoar, or accessing your StadiumRoar page on a tablet.  Our system is fully tablet capable.  Learn more about our free conference registration software and how it fits into our complete product solution for conference managers.

  • Convention organizers

    Conventions tend to have the same sign up spikes as conferences, but they’re traditionally even larger.  These high volume periods make the use of an automated registration system like StadiumRoar essential.  Never worry about an information overload.  We allow you to capture an unlimited amount of registrants, all of whom can be accessing your convention sign up page at the same time.  Our system was designed to automatically adapt based on your traffic needs.  No matter how many conference sign ups you get, we can take care of managing the traffic behind the scenes, processing your data and assuring you get your information and fees sent to you in a seamless, automated fashion.  Learn more about our free convention sign up software and how it fits into our end-to-end software spectrum for convention managers.

  • Event organizers

    StadiumRoar’s sign up tool can be used for any sort of an event.  Our platform is universal, and has been applied to countless industries, such as sports and recreation, education, entertainment and fundraising.  No matter how large or small your event, our event registration service can help.  Our system is fully flexible, allowing you to be up and running in only a matter of seconds.  No technical experience is needed at all.  Simply tell is the name of your organization, and we’ll generate an event registration web page for you.  The page will have its own URL, which you can share with anyone you choose, and post to any websites or social networks you choose.  When people visit your URL, they’ll come to your online sign up form, which they will fill out in order to officially join your event.  You of course have the option to assign online fees to any event, which people can securely pay you with credit cards.  StadiumRoar is not only the best event registration software on the market in terms of usability and features, but it is also 100% free.  Learn more about our free event registration software and how it belongs to our complete product solution for event planners.

  • Class organizers

    Our class sign up system is an easy and effective way to have students sign up for your classes online.  Our software is used by many independent educators.  For instance, StadiumRoar is used by fitness instructors, private tutors, music instructors, continuing education teachers and many other types of people who operate independent courses.  As long as you run a class, and you want the ease and speed of online registration, StadiumRoar is for you.  Our class sign up forms are fully customizable.  You can capture any sort of information you need.  In addition, we make it very easy for people to sign up others on their behalf, which is necessary when it comes to minors getting registered for courses by their parents.  No matter if you’re coordinating a crafts class for young children, or a seniors ballroom dancing clinic, you can adapt the system to your needs and manage registration effectively.  Learn more about our free class sign up software and how it fits into our full software solution for class instructors.

  • Fitness organizers

    StadiumRoar is used by fitness class instructors of a wide variety of programs.  Instructors use StadiumRoar’s sign up service to conduct online registration, and process class payments, for spots in their fitness classes.  We’ve helped fitness organizers in areas like spin cycling, boxing, pilates, yoga, rock climbing and water aerobics.  Learn more about our free fitness sign up system and how it fits into our end-to-end software solution for fitness instructors.

  • Intramural organizers

    StadiumRoar is used by intramural departments at colleges and universities all over the country.  IM managers use our sign up service to manage registration periods for individuals looking to participate in programs, and full teams looking to sign up for leagues and tournaments.  School intramural offices can adapt their StadiumRoar online sign up form to handle sign ups for any sort of IM activity, whether it’s individual based, as in a tennis clinic, or team based, as in a flag football league.  Learn more about our free intramural registration software and how it fits into our full software suite for intramural managers.

  • Race organizers

    Races, which are often highly publicized one day events, experience large sign up waves.  Fast and reliable software to support race registration periods is critical.  With StadiumRoar’s robust system, you can conduct sign ups for any combination of race programs.  You can offer one simple sign up for everyone at the event, or break the registration form into chunks dedicated to various skill levels and heats.  It’s completely up to you.  Whatever sort of information you need to process for race registration, you can rely on StadiumRoar to provide the right tools for you to collect and manage all the data.  Learn more about our free race registration software and how it fits into our total software solution for race managers.

  • Festival organizers

    Whether it’s a local town gathering, or a large music event, StadiumRoar provides all of the tools you need to manage online registration for festivals.  Our sign up forms are fully adaptable to any sort of information you need to collect.  On event day you can take care of checking people in by printing out a list of registrants, or accessing your StadiumRoar account via a tablet like an iPad.  Learn more about our free festival sign up software and how it fits into our end-to-end software solution for festival planners.

  • Competition organizers

    StadiumRoar is used by competition organizers in all sorts of areas, such as sports, fitness and the performing arts.  If you’re hosting a competition, our platform will let you sign up individual participants and/or full teams.  You can collect all of the relevant background information needed from each registrant, and even accept competition fees with secure online credit card payments.  Learn more about our free competition registration service and how it fits into our end-to-end software package for competition planners.



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Online Registration Fact Sheet




Download a one-page PDF fact sheet about StadiumRoar Online Registration.  Sharing a fact sheet is an easy way to let others in your organization know about StadiumRoar’s free program registration software.  Print the sheet or email it.







Screen shots


 Registration Main Menu

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Adding programs to your registration form

Submitting Info

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Customizing fields on your registration form

Creating Custom Field

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Adding instructions to your registration form

Adding Instructions

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Setting up a way to collect money online

Link PayPal Account

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People visiting your registration web page

Pub Reg Link

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People choosing programs to sign up for

Pub Reg Step 1

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People paying you online

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Viewing registrants and payments

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Managing your registration data

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Powerful, easy-to-use capabilities


Your StadiumRoar free online registration software is packed with powerful, user-friendly capabilities that help you conduct program registration faster.


  • Register individuals and groups

    Collect registration from individuals and entire groups (like teams) with a simple online registration form.  We load your form with default fields like name, email, phone, etc that people fill out while signing up.  You have the option to add custom fields as well, to assure you’re collecting all the information you need.


  • Have info sorted for you in comprehensive charts

    Annoyed with manually entering information into spreadsheets during the activity sign up process?  Our software automatically alphabetizes and sorts all registration information into easy-to-navigate charts which you can browse, print and export with just a click.

  • Collect registration fees online

    Tired of collecting a heap of checks from program registrants?  That time has ended.  We let you securely process credit card payments over the web.  We’re integrated with three great payment collection methods; choose the one that works best for you.  Collect money in a merchant account, a PayPal account, or by check or direct deposit.  Every transaction is secured by our advanced SSL-encryption technology.  Payment information is automatically sorted for you in organized charts; see running totals of all the fees your programs have collected online, in addition to the payment status of each individual participant.

  • Customize your form fields

    We provide you a default online sign up form that registrants can fill out to sign up for your activities and events.  The online sign up form contains fields like name, email, phone, etc.  We also give you the option to add your own custom fields.  Name a field and use it to collect any sort of information you need.  We give you the ability to create input fields in text form, dropdown form or file upload form.  The custom fields option guarantees that any piece of information you need to collect for your registration – no matter how unique – gets collected.



  • Upload your own files

    Do you have certain documents you need people to read as part of the registration process (ie, codes of conduct, liability waivers, etc)?  No problem.  Our system lets you upload these documents and make sure people read them while registering.  We provide links for people to easily download and read all your required files as they’re registering.


  • Have registrants counted for you

    Tired of individually counting registrants as they come in?  Our system automatically keeps a running total of the number of people that sign up for each of your programs.  We keep a count of your individual registration total and your team registration total.  In addition to counting the number of registrants you have, we also automatically track the amount of money your registrants pay you online.


  • Have registrations automatically close when full

    Tired of stressing about your program exceeding its maximum number of spots?  Our software lets you set limits on the amount of registrants each of your programs can have.  As soon as all the spots become filled, the program automatically closes, and no new people can sign up for it unless you re-open it.  Never go over-capacity again.


  • Import registration information from Excel

    Do you have registration data from past seasons you would like added to the system?  Are there certain registrants that don’t sign up online, but you would still like to add their information to your online system?  Do some of your registrants initially sign up through other organizations, and then you need to enter them into your records later on?  Whatever the case, you can easily import outside registrants into your online system, so you have all your registration information – no matter the original source – located in one unified place.  We let you easily import registration information from Excel; simply add the data to an Excel template we provide, and upload it right into StadiumRoar.


  • Export registration information to Excel

    With just a click, you can export all of your registration information to Excel, where you can easily sort it, analyze it, email it or print it.


  • Send group emails to your registrants

    Fed up with having to manually enter email addresses into your email service to send out group email?  Those days are over.  With our system, you can easily export all registrant email addresses to Excel and then copy and paste the whole list into your email service in one step.  Send mass messages to all of your registrants in an instant.


  • Post descriptions, deadlines, announcements and more

    Our software is not only equipped with top-of-the-line abilities for collecting registrations, but also contains many other useful tools you can use to communicate with program registrants.  You can post detailed program descriptions, links, deadlines, announcements and much more.


Sign Up

Online registration in-depth tour





Online program registration done right


Thinking of trying online sign ups for your programs?  Look no further than StadiumRoar, the nation’s leading provider of program registration software.  Get full access to the software in less than 10 seconds.  No downloads, installations, technical experience or contracts are required at all.  Our registration service not only contains powerful technology for collecting online registration and payment, but it gives you these abilities at no cost.  That’s right.  Get online registration free.  This is a new opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.  Not to mention, our free software for registration management is extremely user friendly.  StadiumRoar’s online sign up tool can be used for all sorts of activities and events.  You can conduct online sports registration, online conference registration, online class registration and much more.  If you manage a program that people need to sign up for, then StadiumRoar is for you.

To get started, just sign up and enter your title and the name of your organization (ie, “Organization ABC”).  You’ll instantly receive your own “registration page” and be given a link to it (ie,  This is the link people will visit in order to browse your programs and sign up for them.  You can add your link on any other website.  For instance, add your link on your organization’s existing website, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Once people click the link, they will instantly be taken to your “registration page” where they can sign up for programs online.

Enter the programs you want to add to your online registration page.  Programs can be any sort of a thing you need people to register for; leagues, tournaments, clubs, camps, classes, conferences, conventions, etc.  When people visit your registration page, they can browse your programs and fill out an online registration form to sign up for them.  As they fill out the registration form online, you instantly collect all their info; name, email, school, DOB, etc.  Unlike other registration systems, you don’t have to manually create the registration forms; we provide comprehensive individual registration forms and team registration forms that are ready to use right away.  If there is additional information you want to add, you can easily upload it into your online registrar system.

Our activity and event registration system is fully integrated with three great payment collection methods.  Choose the one that works best for you.  As people pay fees online with credit cards, you have the option to collect the money in a merchant account, a PayPal account, or by check or direct deposit.  With the check or direct deposit method, we take care of processing all transactions for you and then send you a check or direct deposit each month for your balance; you choose if you would like to be paid with a check, or receive a direct deposit, each month.  Conduct registration online and process payments electronically at the same time.  As people sign up for programs, they can submit their registration payment online with credit cards.  As their sports sign up information is submitted to you as part of the electronic registration process, so is their payment information.  When participants pay registration online fees, it makes registration management much smoother for them and for you; cut down on checks and piles of paper work.  All transactions are secured by our advanced SSL-encryption technology.

Our online tool lets you conduct individual registration and group registration.  When people visit your site, they select if they want to sign up a single person or a whole team.  They’re then guided through a simple form where they submit their info.  After they fill out the form, they can pay any fees with a credit card on a secure checkout page.  StadiumRoar’s sign up software instantly processes all information and sends it to you in real time.  As people sign up for programs, you collect all their information within your recreation registration software.  With just a click, you can print the information or export it to a Microsoft Excel document.  You even have the ability to import registrants into your activity registration program with Excel.  Do you have certain registrants you would like to add to your registration list who might not register online through your organization?  For instance, walk-in registrants, or registrants who initially signed up through a different organization than yours.  We have you covered.  You can easily import these registrants into StadiumRoar with Microsoft Excel.


Sports registration


StadiumRoar is widely used in the world of sports and recreation.  Our service has been embraced by a wide range of sport managers, particularly organizers of leagues, tournaments, sports clubs, athletic associations, athletic departments, recreation departments, intramural branches, sports teams, sports camps and sports clinics.  Massive city-wide departments use StadiumRoar to manage sign ups for dozens of sports groups within town.  At the same time, many smaller organizations use StadiumRoar simply to collect dues and other team fees.  No matter the size or depth of your sport organization, our SaaS application can be applied to your needs, on-demand.

The variety in our athletic user base exists far beyond organization size.  In terms of age level, we help a significant amount of youth sports programs, while also providing technology to older age groups too.  StadiumRoar is widely embraced by the high school sports community, in addition to the college and university recreational world, club world and varsity world.  Our reach extends beyond the college and university age level as well.  A large amount of adult sports programs use StadiumRoar’s registration platform to capture data and process payments.

Clearly, our user base has a lot of variety among age levels.  We have similar diversity when it comes to competitive levels.  Many of our programs are recreational in nature, with players engaging just for fun or exercise.  In addition, we also manage sign ups for some of the nation’s most competitive sports programs.  Our SaaS technology is used by traveling sports programs, selective programs, and premiere associations and clubs.  Some of the nation’s most recognized high school varsity teams use StadiumRoar to streamline sign ups.

In terms of the individual sports we help people register for, the list is extremely long and continues to grow each season.  Here are some of the sports StadiumRoar enables online sign ups for:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Track
  • Cheerleading
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Field Hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Racing
  • Skiing


Event registration


StadiumRoar is an extremely powerful tool in the world of event planning and management.  Our SaaS platform is a flexible and easy way to conduct online event registration for any sort of a program.  Some events that StadiumRoar is very suited for are conferences, conventions, festivals, performances, shows, fundraisers, meetings and seminars.  Event sign ups commonly consist of registration windows that have high volume spikes.  In order to assure reliability, a technology provider is needed that provides the scale and adaptability of any type of traffic fluctuation or high volume rush.  With StadiumRoar, event planners don’t need to spend a second thinking about servers, system hosting or scale.  Comprehensive hosting and scalability come pre-loaded into the back end of your system.  We take care of everything related to event sign ups, while you focus on organizing an amazing event.

As for more detail into the types of events StadiumRoar’s registration app is useful for, essentially, if you need to collect information from a participant in order for access to be granted into the event, then our service is for you.  We allow you to adapt your event registration form to your needs by customizing your own fields.  Our online sign up page can be fit to any sort of event imaginable.  Here are some of the events StadiumRoar’s system can be used by:

  • Science
  • Business
  • Trade group
  • Industry association
  • Government agency
  • Entertainment


Education registration


Our SaaS app is used by instructors to collect class registration information.  All sorts of instructors and educators use StadiumRoar to capture data and process course fees.  Our education users come from school systems, the community education world in addition to the private instruction world.  If you manage any sort of a class, you can customize your registration website to its needs.  Our system is free to use for managers all through the year, regardless of class schedule.  For instance, if you’re a private tutor and you have ongoing open sign ups for your services, you can use StadiumRoar throughout the year and never absorb any costs.  On the other hand, if you teach a one time business education class held annually, you can use StadiumRoar to conduct sign ups within your registration window and never be charged either.


Leisure registration


StadiumRoar is used by many leisure coordinators, especially those who organize structured programs on defined schedules that carry membership fees.  For instance, camp directors are a very popular segment of our user base.  They use StadiumRoar to process information and fees for all sorts of camp sessions.  Our collection of leisure users also includes people coordinating fun outings like trips and tours.



Use more great tools alongside online registration


StadiumRoar not only provides a premium, completely free online registration system, but also offers a lot of other tools for activity organizers.  Once you sign up for StadiumRoar, you’ll have instant access to our recreation registration service, along with all of our other tools.  Feel free to just use the registration system, or use it along with any of our other powerful tools as well.  All services are seamlessly integrated, so you can perform all of your activity management tasks in one simple place.

Program websites

Program scheduling software

Online stores

Point of sale systems

Visitor management systems


Sign Up

Online registration in-depth tour